Text: Veli Mbele
Photograph: Supplied

Owing to the propaganda campaign of anti-Black bodies like Afri-Forum, recently the Australian Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, publicly declared the Australian government's willingness to fast track the visa applications for white South African farmers.

This is after the South African parliament adopted a motion on the expropriation of land without compensation. As a further display of white solidarity, this past weekend, thousands of Australians marched in solidarity with South Africa's white farmers. As they did this, they were displaying replicas of the South African flag.

But who exactly are the Australians? Before the arrival of the British, the indigenous Black people lived in Australia for millennia. These are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The aboriginal people are originally from the Islands of Indonesia.

They lived in all parts of Australia. They had a simple life that consisted of hunting, fishing and gathering. They also had their own religion.

Then from the 1600s the first Europeans came to Australia, among them Dutch men such as Willem Janszoon, Dirk Hartog and Abel Tasman, working for the Dutch East India company.

William Dampier is said to be the first Englishman to reach Australia. He was followed by Captain James Cook. The real problems for indigenous Blacks started around 1788 when another Englishman arrived, Arthur Phillip.

Under Phillip, the British set up colonies in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. These colonies were systemically used to displace and disposess the indigenous people.

For over 200 years, the British carried out a bloody campaign of land grabs, mass murder and rape of the indigenous people. They raped the women for days and forced all sorts of objects into their private parts.

They would also bury the indigenous children in the sand, up to their necks and compete to kick their heads off their necks. They cut off the penises of the men and watched them in amusement as the pranced around in pain.

According to the Black Warrior Scholar, Ivan Van Sertima "During 1803-1823, the British colonialists invaded the Tasmanian Island and killed thousands of Tasmanian tribes. In 1828, Lt. Govenor George Arthur declared a law called "Black Catching." The British also put in place a pagan holiday called "Australian Day". This was to celebrate the genocide committed against the Aboriginals"

The British genocide against the indigenous people of Australia was arguably the most effective genocide project by the British.

Studies suggest that "prior to (the) British invading the continent, (the) Aborigines of Australia had about 750,000 people broken down into 500 nations. Indigenous for over 60,000 years. The Europeans enslaved, raped and slaughtered the entire population of Australia and Tasmania. Only 2% are currently indigenous."

So, just like the Europeans settlers who are now in South Africa, the Europeans in Australia captured that part of the world through violent invasion, mass rape and murder, and genocide. Therefore, just like South Africa, Australia is nothing else but a white-criminal-settler-colony.

And so, it is not surprising that the Australians are prepared to protect their kin in South Africa. Australia is also one of the countries that is supporting the genocide against our Black kin in West Papua. They are training the Indonesian military(which is responsible for this genocide).

But here is the bigger tragedy. Black people continue to be killed all over the world and helplessly don't have a state or global body that can readily stand up for us and threaten military intervention if Black lives or interests are jeopardised.

Remember how helpless we felt as a race when we learned of the brutal murders of our sister Marielle Franco in Brazil and Brother, Stephon Clark in AmeriKKKa?

If the global white world threatens to come and defend the stolen land of whites in South Africa, through the force of arms, what will we Blacks do?

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