Text: Mutle Mothibe
Photograph: Supplied

Mutle Mothibe
1. Are you planning to make #TheCosmosTribe an annual event?
If the universe allows. We would very much like that.

2. What's the criteria you used to put together this line-up.
We chose poets that we have wanted to see on one stage. The was really no formula.

Belita Andre:
1. Is there an end goal? When Magnum Opus looks back at the work they've done, perhaps 40 years from now... What would they have hoped to achieve, is there a scenario where they're satisfied?
There is an end goal, but it is not defined. Looking back 40 years from now, we would love to have done our best to collaborate with every with the same vision on making poetry a sustainable industry. A scenario where we are content rather than satisfied, is when the art of poetry and the business thereof have a commensalism relationship.
2. Does Magnum Opus think that poetry, especially the poetry they associate themselves with, has any impact on the real world, the state of affairs, government and so on... Or does it end with internal and mental health? We would like to believe that poetry has an impact on the real world. We have since the beginning of the year writing a poetry column for The Saturday Star Newspaper. Such a platform reaches decision makers in government. Think of the poets on the line up, like Koleka Putuma, Modise Sekgothe and Emmah Mabye for instance, and the international impact they have made. This kind of reach says the real world is listening. Take how corporate spaces are being dominated by Puns and Things. We also want to acknowledge that internal and metal health is a factor. A factor that needs to be brought to the forefront.

KB Kilobyte:
1. Why do you think poetry has not boomed in SA after so many years?
Nobody actually knows why. But the question itself brings other questions like; when we say boom, to what extent do we want it to boom? what quality of the art would be paddled to the audience if it booms to a point where it is diluted? Would we be happy with a space where poets can make comfortable leavings and it has not reached a point where we say "that is not real poetry" when someone is making serious waves internationally because the art has become an equal to music genres that to billboard charts?
2. What do you think should be done to make poetry visible in the entertainment industry?
To answer this question, there must be multiple sessions where multiple people in the poetry industry get together to workshop possible streams to pursue. As we can all agree, #TogetherMeansBetter.

Donald Neosapien
1. What is the cosmos tribe?
Rather who is #TheCosmosTribe. They are those who know that we are on to something with this poetry. Those that are working to materialise this 'something'. We are many.
2. Why did you select the poets that you did?
We chose poets that we have wanted to see on one stage. The was really no formula.

Noluthando Buthelezi:
1. What kind of mark do you want This kind of event to leave in the industry?
Lets wait and see what marks it leaves. We would rather allow it to transform to what it chooses.
2. And after this one can we expect another #TheCosmosTribe event in the future? If the universe allows. We would very much like that.

Emmah Mabye:
1. Why did Magnum Opus deem it worthwhile or important to have this show?
The time is now.

Nomonde Sky:
1.What is poetry?
Poetry is love. It is feeling.
2.What has magnum opus done for poetry?
We have not done much. We are till learning how to. We are also not planning to stop this lesson for there is much to be done.

Wazi M Kunene:
1 Scythe the 11. What does each bring in to the tribe.
Yay!! we are having difficulty figuring out what this question means. Can we have a rephrased version. Dankie...lol
2. What does it mean to have all major poetry house 's support the one of a kind event put together independently by you.
They humble us so. It shows that love exists. It id quite beautiful for people with a common passion to come together for #TheCosmosTribe. #TogetherMeansBetter