Text: Hazel Fasaha Tobo
Photograph: Supplied

Remember your name when you dream,
speak it under your breath when you breathe,
call on your gods when you sleep,
And find them waiting by your side when you arise,
tell the dawn your stories,
remember the sun in the winter,
and hold it dearly in your tomorrow,
speak with the moon when create your future,
say your forefathers mantras as your own but remember your today's,
dance for new days,
hold your heart when you make promises in the storm,
But remember to fulfill them in the end.

know your face when it lights up,
be proud when you awake,
Your mind is the glow at the end of the tunnel
the light beaming brightly,
your eyes looking beyond,
you are your dream,
tomorrow is yours,
run with the clouds when the wind rages, remember you are your god,
your temple never stays behind and you never separate from it,
the star's are the insides of your palms, glowing with magic,
So extend your arms and touch hope,
Tomorrow has no rules
melanin is a religion,
pray when your skin lightens
Call on your ancestors to speak color into your visions,
Tomorrow is yours
Tomorrow has been yours
Tomorrow is today yesterday,
Nothing is out of reach
So dream,
Become, you are anything and everything.