12 Symptoms of A Non-White/ House Negro

If ever there was any doubt that you may be a non-white, house negro, coon or negropean; here are a few symptoms against which you can check yourself.

1. In a meeting to find solutions to Black problems, you stand up and ask: “what about white people”?

2. You automatically address whites as “Sir” or “Madam”, but don’t extend the same courtesy to Blacks.

3. You feel embarrassed on behalf whites when a Black person struggles to speak a European language.

4. You feel the need to apologise (even when none was asked for) when another Black person confronts whites on how evil they have and continue to be towards Blacks.

5. You confuse pro-Blackness with anti-whiteness, being violent or living in the past.

6. You believe white people are the standard bearers of sophistication in the areas of philosophy, education, art, science, economics etc.

7. You believe your children shouldn’t learn Afrikan languages because they are of no “economic value”.

8. You believe that in order for anything that Blacks do to be valid - it must first have white endorsement or involvement.

9. You believe Blacks are poor because they are lazy or that they are natural criminals.

10. You look down on Afrikan world-views but take pride in your adoption of foreign religions and Euro-American education.

11. You use your resources or position to suppress, ill-treat or to steal from your own people.

12. You believe that Euro-America is the centre of the world and all other countries must first embrace their values in order to be considered advanced, progressive or developed.