A Black Man Can’t Be Patriarchal

How is the Black man's rule/dominance/power over the Black woman validly explained when both the Black man and the Black woman are both subjugatees of the White power racial domination?

With racism, we say, racism can only be functionally existent in the context of power, and conclude that Blacks cannot, thereby, in a state of powerlessness be racist. Patriarchy, as a value, can only be functionalized by the active presence of power. It has to be among the power dimensions of those with power to be able to subject, among others, other people to subservience.

How do we clothe the Black man, in a state of powerlessness, that both himself and his woman are in, with a label that is expressive of a particular dimension of the active presence of power - Patriarchy?

The white man hated his woman, and a woman being the epitome of a nation, had a ramification of getting the white man to hate other nations.

We seem to have gotten ourselves involved into a conflict between the white man and his woman, which does not concern us. Clearly, in our mental colonisation, our colonisers brought with them a whole value system that they imposed on us as a standard and ethic after which to model our behaviour and organise our social institutions and relationships around which such institutions are sustained.

Our behaviour, as finished products of colonisation is the work of slave-containing mimicry exhibited in how we interact with our women - a learned consciousness falsifying trait from the white male colonizer, and a hater and oppressor of his own woman.

Ours, as the Black Body Collective, is really to identify, expose and uproot the foundational lies of the value system imposed on us and caused us to dysfunctionally function outside of our African Indigenous cosmologies.

Both the Black man and the Black woman are wounded and fragmented Souls needing to be in unison to begin their healing requisite for their re-strengthening, resurrection and Rise!