Black Excellence = White Approval

There are Blacks who believe that they have 'arrived' and because of this -they get highly irritated by Blacks who still talk about racism as a factor in Black life.

Their belief is that racism is no longer a factor and that those Blacks who talk about it - are simply lazy and lack an entrepreneurial spirit.

They are also the type of Blacks who accuse you of jealousy when you interrogate their superficial understanding of 'success', 'excellence' or 'merit'.

These types of Blacks generally regard it as an achievement for Blacks (the natives and the majority) - to be affirmed by whites (a foreign minority) or white institutions.

They see nothing wrong with the anomaly where the destiny of an entire indigenous population (even after they have proclaimed freedom) - continues to be determined by a foreign minority.

For them, these slave-and-master relations are okay for as long as every 15 years, one Black person gets allocated a prominent position in a white institution. The false thrill of being referred to as the first Black to do this or that.

And when you point all of this out to them, then they do one of the most retarded things ever: they call you a Black racist (not that they know what racism is anyway).

There can be no excellence when all we Blacks are doing is to conform to the standards of the very people who believe in our inherent inferiority.

True excellence is when whatever we think or do is measured or assessed against our own value system. Not the value system of the enemies of our ancestors.