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Hyuj Matters - On Self-Care and Dreams

Dreams are always deeply connected to the spirit, even the ones that seem insignificant. It’s all a matter of taking notice. Once you start taking notice, you realise how even the most seemingly insignificant dreams are usually connected to a part of your realty in one way or another.

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The Bavino Sermons

In an interview with Brenda Sisane of KayaFM on The Art of Sunday, Rampolokeng said he writes poetry in order to find himself and “it’s not up to the poet to provide answers, but it is [theirs] to question”.

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Daniel “Kgomo” MOROLONG | Hugh Masekela

It is something like a story told about the sculptor, Alberto Giacometti who was once asked about what he wanted to happen to his works when they’d ultimately have to leave the studio. He replied: “bury them in the earth, like that, they may be a bridge between the living and the dead.”

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Patrick Bongoy reinvents the wheel in Matter

Matter draws out the history of rubber as a precious natural resource and its relationship to the colonial past of the DRC and its afterlives. The works reflect on the violent exploitation of labourers who harvest the material, as well as environmental damage that has occurred as a result.

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