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Springboks Represent White Supremacy

The untransformed South African Rugby national team is at the world cup playing for white supremacy. This is borne out by the callous arrogant manner in which the South African Rugby Union (SARU) has treated the serious allegations of racism against the Springbok lock Eben Etzebeth.

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Drifting With Muntu Vilakazi: On The Archive

But I have seen it, glimpses of it. His images are a critical commentary on black youth culture and the church as an important aspect of black life. They are a close look at the ‘quotidian’ and the mundane of city/township life as an anecdote we can use to think about our condition.

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HYuj Matters - Finding the perfect MATch

A traditional healer unrolls his moseme and directs prayers to his Ancestors. In a mosque, my Muslim brother unfolds his sajjadat salat and bends his knees gently placing them on the mat in time of prayer. A sadhu gets onto a pile mat and lifts arms to the sky saluting the sun.

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Shabaka & The Ancestors Live

The project was formed in early 2016, leading to their debut album later that year Wisdom of Elders; a document of sessions combining Hutchings with a group of South African jazz musicians he’d long admired. His connection to the group was Mandla Mlangeni (bandleader of the Amandla Freedom Ensemble), whom he’d flown there to play with over the past few years.

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Knuckle City

A cultural melting pot, the rich heritage and diversity of the Eastern Cape with its vibrant people, and magnificent sights are what make this region so unique. The birthplace of legends like Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, the province is the traditional home of the Xhosa people.

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Weekender – Moholo, MoMo & Madiba

It's a known fact that Blacks don't have land and are therefore without the primary source of wealth. But Blacks are talented as fuck. There is no reason why so many of us, 13 million we are told, must live under the so-called breadline. Blacks are so driven they come to Jo’burg, live on a couch (at a friend's place who is long gatvol with their black-ass), subsist on insults, survive backstabbing, undiagnosed depression, and miraculously end up producing your favourite TV show or starring on your controversial TV series

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