In The Morning, Behold It Was Leah!

The Bible tells an interesting story of a man who fell in love with a beautiful woman, married her but woke up in the morning with a different woman who got smuggled into bed in the middle of the night. (Gen 29)

I fear that Blacks may find themselves yet again waking up in the morning after the elections next to whites who have smuggled themselves into bed and in fact married them selves to the Black struggle permanently in order to safeguard white interests.

In the same way that the man in the story who was a few hours from marrying the love of his life, while in the moment of festivity took his eyes off from the prize, his wife. The upcoming elections may bring us into momentary ecstasy of numbers and the possibility of winning wards.

Elections tend to have the same effect, intoxicate and blind us to the prize, our Land. Elections are becoming more and more about numbers than ideas.

The question of numbers must be put in its proper perspective and not be thrown around unnecessarily. There are many gatherings of Black people with enormous numbers of black bodies with zero brains.

The latest trend in the church and in politics clearly is who can feel the biggest stadium with black bodies.

Other than boosting the egos of the political oligarchy, and being an idling machinery for black on black violence, numbers don't automatically translate to political objectives.

Surely there may be a critical moment in the revolutionary process where a critical mass is required to push through.

A radical call must be made for Blacks to sharpen the contradictions and declare their intentions to take over total control of Azania.

As a commitment to dismantling white power and white privilege, Blacks must reject the safety net documents, the freedom charter and the current constitution, which not only carry the most contradictions and create the most divisions in the Black struggle and black politics, but also clearly carry imprints of bloody white communists and nationalists agents such as Roelf Meyer, Joe Slovo, including Alan Lipman (whose wife, Beata Lipman, hand-wrote the original Charter).

Any tactic and strategy that involves these two documents is bound to cause much divisions in the Black socialist block.

These are the discussions we must have at this 11th hour, before a new day dawns upon our land only to find ourselves, as in 1994, to have married "Leah instead of Rachel".