Interracial Relationships With White People And The Basis of A Pro-Black Separatist Posture

There is no white person who is as devilish as the one who takes offence when excluded from the sensitive healing and restorative endeavours and programs of the Black Family. We have so much self-hate and debilitating White Power produced rage in us to deal with as a family. Don't get it twisted and call this anti-white hate-mongering! There is nothing that I have found to be as more arrogant as this forced, insensitive and inconsiderate white sympathy to Black pain and suffering. Let's see if your white friends, parents and white lovers, husbands and wives can comprehend this! There is also nothing that I have also found to be as demented as Black apologism on the face of white liberal paternalism.

Your white friend, white pastor, white girlfriend, white boyfriend, white husband, white wife and people in your white circles are not innocent at all.

The Danger is:

  • You are psychologised into seeing race as insignificant.
  • You fallaciously make group dynamics analogous to your individuated cosmetic multiracial experiences.
  • You become the manager of white guilt and the allayer of white fears and wither away into mediocrity and superficiality.

In any of these circles, you, my Black Brother, you my Black Sister, are virtually guaranteed to suffer cognitive dissonance. You are psychotically sentimentalised and swayed away, through perception engineering by personalisation, from reality.

That is why:

  • I befriend Black Only.
  • I date/marry Black Only.
  • I don't separate my Spirituality from my colour.

This is for my sanity, freedom and authenticity.

I'm a Black Nationalist, and this is what I understand by Black Nationalism.

8 Principal Considerations To Attaining Black Power:

1. We must place the interest of our race above all interests and above all considerations.

2. We should begin to sanction and punish those blacks who operate against our interest.

3. We should sanction completely and refuse to support those blacks who marry or cohabit with whites or members of other races.

4. We should make a conscious effort to darken our race.

5. No black can be considered a leader or hold a leadership position, who marries outside their race.

6. We must stop using black in negative terms.

7. We must begin to expose our children to positive Black images.


8. We must have artists who will show strong black images.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright's Recommendations from his video lecture titled Black Mentacide

On Intimate Relationships With White People

It is psychologically unrealistic to uphold, genuinely, sacrificially and unapologetically, a Race First philosophy while intimate with a member of the dominant and undeservedly privileged race. The heightened aspect of your affection to your race has been alienated to the intimacy you have, due to your nationalistic ill-discipline, allowed yourself to share with a member of the dominant race.

Interracial intimate relationships are at a polar position with cosmically arranged, purposed, pre-coded and blueprinted diverse and distinct human ecologies in the form of races. Misalignment to cosmic arrangements and vibrations will inevitably have a resultant effect of a discordant people-to-people ecology in the name of love and non-racialism, integration and rainbow-ism.

*Itumeleng Makale is a Blackademic and a Black Power Proponent