They Are Capturing Our Young

These rich white people who adopt Black kids on the Afrikan continent, are not foolish or bored. They have a particular agenda. These Black kids are being socialised into the white world-view and will soon be occupying influential positions in society and global organisations.

They are being groomed to strengthen the muscle of whiteness and for Blacks in particular, to become more emotionally attached to whites, view them as benevolent and not see the validity of holding them collectively accountable for the depressing state of Afrika.

These kids will soon be travelling the world as sought-after speakers who will be preaching the gospel of colourlessness and will be upheld as symbols of 'Black excellence'.

They will be delivering Sandton-Convention-Centre type-lectures and writing books on ''your skin colour doesn't matter, all you need is a vision, determination, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit'

They will be depressing our kids with the 'if you can dream it, you can achieve it gospel'? Some of them will be deployed back to Afrika (with PhDs from Havard, Oxford, Cambridge), to come and stand as candidates for the presidency of various Afrikan states.

Are there Black celebrities who are also adopting white, Indian or Chinese kids? These Black kids are not being adopted or groomed to liberate the Black race from the dominance of other races! No! No

We must also view this phenomenon in the context of the growing global political influence of so called philanthropic foundations that are set up or endorsed by white (and even Black) celebrities.

If you want to liberate or enslave a race, you must capture the minds of its young. They are capturing our young and using them against us. Remember what they did to young Nkosi Johnson?