To Every Choking Knee, It’s A Demobilizing Kneel!

Fifty years ago, the Black Consciousness movement, SASO, wrote of the need to:
“close ranks before we join others.

“To form ourselves into a solid group — with a worked out direction, staking our claim from a position of strength,
“To know that only Blacks can achieve an open society.”

The Black Consciousness Movement went on to highlight that
“... integration cannot be realized in an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust.
“That integration cannot mean being swallowed-up in an established set of norms drawn up by whites.

“That integration means, proportionate contribution to the joint culture by all constituent groups. Something which should not be worked for or enforced, but can only be cultivated in an atmosphere of justice and freedom.”

The Black Consciousness movement anticipated integration into occupied Azania (South Africa). In doing so it put it in these terms:

“Such a project of integration is aimed to allow Blacks to be swallowed up by a white value system.”

The Black Consciousness Movement knew that:
“To be Black is to be politically, economically and socially excluded — both by written law and tradition, (that means unwritten common practices).”

“We believe that in (occupied Azania) South Africa, the invasive force and the invaded group live in unhealthy tension — and as such are a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

“That the invading white man must be made aware of his violent makeup and constitution— his invention by violence.

“That his system of oppression — by written and unwritten law— and his license of privilege, defines him as a problem.

“That to realize our aspiration to get rid of his physical and psychological occupation we cannot work with him— he must be excluded.

“That we must not be fixated on hating him. But must love only Blacks. That, personal contact with him must be discouraged, though that attitude should not be codified into law.

The Black Consciousness Movement knew that:
“Ridding ourselves of the chains that bind us to endless slavery and perpetual servitude shall be driven by our awareness of Blackness, which shall be driven by Black Consciousness philosophy.

“Black Consciousness is an attitude of mind”, the Movement set its cognitive horizons.

“Black Consciousness is a way of life”, the Movement set its exhaustive response to anti-blackness— as such weaponizing the unspectacular act of breathing against systematic oppression.

“It is the rejection of our value systems that turn us into foreigners in our land and reduce our dignity to below basic human dignity.” The Black Consciousness Movement identified the kernel of anti-blackness.

Black Consciousness “is a project to build our own value system. To self-define. And reject the definition of ourselves by others”, the Movement mapped out its response to anti-blackness.

“It is to wield political and economic power in group cohesion and solidarity. To be enhanced by the tensions that include involvement of all oppressed groups.” This is Black Consciousness Movement defining itself and outlining its minimums.