Why Black Men Ain’t Sh*t

There is a particular reason why I don’t engage or reply to Black cisgender (cis) heterosexual (het) men on my statuses. Many of them troll and demand engagement from black womxn but don’t owe black cis het men any kind of engagement or explanation why they aint shit. After updating about seeing someone held at gun point, this Black man told me that I was coconut for freezing with shock then later wished that one day ooTsotsi found me and fucked me up as I act radical on facebook but I'm a 'pussy' in real life. A Black Conscious man who loves Black people said this in a country where Black womxn die every day at the hands of Black men.

Many Black womxn are emotionally manipulated and bullied into this bullshit notion Black unity. This Black unity requires us to defend rapists, predators, abusive men in movements and our communities because they are Black.

1. You must understand that white supremacy creates conditions for black men to be violent. It's the systems fault. So where other Black do bodies live that protects them from the system? Where is the bubble that they live in that protects them from this violence? And why do they not hold communities in hostage like Black cis het men? Also, this assumption that the system 'made him do it' actually strips of Black cis het men of their agency and leaves them unaccountable to the rest of the Black community. We must now have the burden of Blackness as well as babysit male egos.

2. The astounding lack of compassion that Black cis het men have for Black womxn is concerning. It is also reflective of how Black Conscious men have internalized white supremacy and 1652 masculinities. Black womxn have to prove their Black pain. You have to sell how many times you were raped or abused just like we have to prove to 1652's about racism. And just like when we talk about Black pain, 1652's dismiss us, the same after selling the different human violations Black womxn experience we have men asking what we were wearing or "not all men". The same way 1652's distance themselves from structural racism and how it benefits them, the same way Black cis het distance themselves from their complacency with rape culture, cis heteronormativity and unrepentant violent black masculinities. Instead of hearing someone’s trauma, you get technical about how they articulate their trauma. Or tell them it’s not real. How inhumane is that? How 1652 is that?

3. Like 1652's, Black cis het men feel entitled to your emotional labour. 1652s want us to educate them about white supremacy and how they oppress us. Black cis het men are the same, they want you spoon feed them gender 101 or claim they don’t understand how they oppress you. A bitch will read Fanon cover to cover but can't google cisgender or patriarchy. This problem also comes from the fact that in Black homes, these men are cushioned and people tip-toe around their grandfathers-fathers-uncles-and-them.

4. Black Conscious men want to decolonize everything except their problematic gender constructions that stem from colonial dilution/distortions of African masculinities. Xhosa men will shout decolonization but will also want to come to a FMF plenary and assert Xhosa manhood. They will shout decolonization but Ulwaluko must remain undecolonized in the way it reproduces violent entitled masculinities.

5. Black cis het men want Black womxn to talk about sexual violence and trauma rationally and unemotively. Who else asks the same of us kanene? 1652s. They want us to be rational and subjective about racism. Same ke for Black cis het men. Give that argument about the trauma clean and uncomplicated as if he can do the same when 1652's ask him to do the same when he talks about Black pain.

So, I'm not going to stop #menaintshit posts anytime soon because of all of the above. Until you rehabilitate yourselves from violent masculinities. Till loving Black people is actually loving ALL Black people including the Black womxn you abuse in your personal relationships while preaching gender equality. Till you decolonize the violent 1652 masculinities that you call Black manhood. Till you fucken do better.