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King Tha’s Fetish

Why FETISH as the theme? “Because it denotes an obsession and it evokes another part of our psyche, a part that is, in fact, very creative,” she explains.

On Washing Your Man’s Underwear

But the truth is there are ladies who really don’t mind ensuring that their man’s underwear was clean by doing the job themselves, hand or machine wash. Maybe the idea is that they can do a much better job than a man in the art of washing the undies.

Mama Sobukwe Honoured

Mama Sobukwe was a sage who did not become part of the struggle for selfish benefits and personal aggrandizement, but for the genuine cause of freedom of Azania. She outstood the test of time, outshone all her adversaries and outlived many of her contemporaries. For this reason, VUT will always remember and honour the resilient and indomitable “Mother of Azania”, as she was affectionately known.

The Dualism of African Storytelling in Theatre

Iwalewahaus is a space for the production and presentation of contemporary art. The institution hosts exhibitions and academic research, it also archives recent developments in contemporary African and Diaspora cultures, which are presented and refined together with artists and institutions.

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