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Material Culture: On Brotherhood, Survival and Looking Good

For many South Africans, the words “izikhotane” or “material culture” conjure up images of lavishly dressed young men and women dancing and flaunting various luxury items from clothes to alcohol brands and even the quintessential South African desert, Ultra Mel custard. From what many have perceived to be an obscene display of extravagance, a whole new community and subculture, traversing music, dance, and fashion, has emerged.


In the play, Mthembu ruptures linearity by disrupting theatrical time and space to simultaneously highlight why black women’s lived experiences are not linear. Mthembu finds that the dominating theatrical discourse of beginning, middle and end narrative structures of playwriting is far too limiting to speak to contemporary issues experienced by women.

These Dam Blacks Durban Edition

These Dam Blacks is a networking, collaborative and solutions-driven platform for purposes of harnessing the collective potential power that black people have on socio-economic grounds. This is to address and redress the totality of our social plight holistically in an effort to restore our humanity on principles of solidarity and cooperation.

The Mask of Congratulations

There is a certain narcissism about these congratulations. Let me use this quote as hyperbole: “Success of others can evoke all sorts of internal feelings. From a sense of pride, envy, fear, gratitude, low self-worth, a need to always associate their success with yourself to show the world our proximity to their success, a feeling of unfairness, genuine happiness, relief etc.

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