Art Biography – Khumalo Taxi Association

Art Biography – Khumalo Taxi Association

Irvin Irv Khumalo, the co-founder of creative agency, Irv Blames Jake, is a Photographer, Videographer, DJ and Podcast host for a show called 63 AUDIO ILLUSIONS. He is a creative who enjoys merging all elements into one, and enjoys spending most of his time on the road.

He has always been a storyteller, long before he stumbled upon Photography. It all started with browsing through magazines, looking at how conceptual creativity is. A world of content filled with so many ideas.

Then one day he picked up a camera and discovered a medium to express himself. He likes capturing what he believes is beautiful and that is one of the most important parts of his work.

He feels strongly about shooting photographs he can connect with.

He always finds a reflection of himself in his photos.

It’s no surprise that photography is the love of his life, but traveling is also the blood in his veins. He’s endlessly inspired by everything this world has to offer. Oh and he loves shooting taxis among other stimulating subject matter.

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Wix: IRV Blames Jake

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Instagram: @irv_blames_jake


SoundCloud: Irv Blames Jake

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Special Correspondent

Special Correspondent

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