Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

“We fight Rhodes because he means so much for oppression, injustice, & moral degradation to South Africa - but if he passed away tomorrow there still remains the terrible fact that something in our society has formed the matrix which has fed, nourished and built up such a man.”


2nd CineBa! Film Festival Showcases Free State films

Award winning director Jahmil X.T. Qubeka’s You’re My Favourite Place sees four freedom seeking teenage girls commemorate their last day at school with a road trip to the ‘Hole In The Wall’- a coastal landmark with the reputation of harbouring the spirits of the dead.

Safe Energy

They can never look us dead in the eye for fear of facing the truth we are—the spark they ignited and neglected. What are we to them but an interference and a collage of ugly adjectives: ungrateful, lazy, confused, addicts...

Decoloniality? A Fig! - A Review of Lara Foot's “Othello”

In my quest to comprehend how this text should potentially be framed as social commentary on the current status quo of the continent, the fact of Othello being a black man accused of murdering his white wife would have provoked discourse on South Africa's underlying racial prejudices and the general air of distrust that lurks between us as a residue of our unresolved past.


The wait is finally over for fans of South African musical icon Thandiswa released her latest single, ‘Kulungile’, featuring the acclaimed Nduduzo Makhathini on April 12, 2024.


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