Mphutlane wa Bofelo

2024 Elections: Presidential Leadership Style in Focus

For the first time in the post-1990 era, political analysis and opinion polls in South Africa are replete with predictions about the ANC receiving less than 50% of the votes and prospects of coalition governance (Morrison, 2023; Dlakavu, 2022).

Political Communication Skill Deficit

Effective political communication requires approaching public speaking with a focus on the message and how to deliver the message and not on how one looks and sounds. Importantly, political communicators must adopt a conversational rather than performative approach to communicating or responding to a political message

The Electoral Bill & The Democratic Deficit in South Africa

The raging debates on the electoral bill in South Africa highlight the need for critical public discourse on the democratic deficit in representative democracy, particularly the social distance between political, public and government leaders and the citizens.

Public Service Strikes & The Ideal of A United Front of Trade Unions

The resurgence of the idea that what unites workers is greater than the political divisions that separate them was also indicated when SAFTU president, Ruth Ntlokotse was given a platform at the 2022 Congress of COSATU at which the national Chairperson of the ANC and Minister of Minerals and Energy, Gwede Mantashe was heckled and disallowed to speak.

Dudula Movement Exposes Systemic Failure and Lack of Political Literacy

A predominately anti-Black big business that thrives on underhand ‘mass employment’ and super-exploitation of Black political and economic immigrants to cut the cost that comes with both the employment of South African citizens and the proper employment of political and economic immigrants.

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