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Black Salutations

John Knox Bokwe

John Knox Bokwe’s hymn A Plea for Africa still resonates in 2022 as the world finds itself in the midst of war, ever-present racism and the never-ending trauma South Africans face daily due to rising fuel prices, loadshedding and overwhelming mortality rates caused by ailments such as depression and other causes.

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Torch of Patrice Lumumba

In murderous treachery, the West conspired to have him killed and thus ensure the country and continent would return once again to an affair of deprivation. We must remember Lumumba and carry his torch of liberation, else we allow the West a horrifying victory.

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Amilcar Lopes Da Costa Cabral

“Africa and the world are yet to recover from Sankara’s assassination. Just as we have yet to recover from the loss of Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Eduardo Mondlane, Amílcar Cabral, Steve Biko, Samora Machel, and most recently John Garang, to name only a few. While malevolent forces have not used the same methods to eliminate each of these great Pan-Africanists, they have been guided by the same motive: to keep Africa in chains.” — Antonio de Figueiredo, February 2008.

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