Masilo Lepuru

Tsietsi Mashinini & The Decline of Black Power in “Post-Apartheid South Africa”

The 27th of January marked the birthday of Tsietsi Mashinini who in terms of South African history and politics symbolises the idea of Black Power. Black Power as embodied by the activists of 1976 was an important challenge to white power as epitomised by the Apartheid regime.

South Africa and the pitfalls of solidarity: A case of South African blacks and Palestine

According to Wilderson the humans and non-blacks like Arabs attain their psychic coherence and health on the back of their anti-blackness against black people who are reduced to slaves. In fact, according to Wilderson the historical timeline of the reduction of Africans to blacks as slaves begins with the Arab conquest of Africa in 639 AD.

Tigritude: Of the Souls and Spiritual Strivings of Aime Cesaire and Leopold Senghor

At the core of European racism/white supremacy (Welsing, 1991) is the attempt to distort and eradicate the culture of Afrikans (Wobogo, 2011) who have been subjected to it for “two thousand seasons” (Armah 1973) as per its “logic of elimination” (Wolfe, 2006).

Capture in Black: A Review of Capture in the Court: In Defence of Judges and the Constitution

This book is for readers who are interested in the vogue debates on constitutionalism which have now taken center stage, since the publication of the opportunistic opinion piece on the constitution by Lindiwe Sisulu and the recent claims that the judiciary is corrupt.

The Poverty of Black Constitutional Critique and The Libidinal Economy of South Africa

The annoying persistent fantasy of the rainbow nation has been subjected to a popular critique. Its banality has seen even the so-called born-frees who are its supposed beneficiaries indicating some kind of discomfort with it.

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