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My Leaping Sun

In the fiery sky / An evening becomes / Of what if not stars and a healing moon / And a stillness that feels like the earth taking a deep breath / I look to the stars floating above the burning horizon

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Olu unwele lundim / Lukhula kwintlontsi entsundu / Lukhula kwintlontsi egwangqa / Olunwele luqinile lunembali / Lwazana namanzi angenaziqholo / Olunwele ndizelwe nalo / Ndalabelwa ngoKhokho

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Conflict with Concession Read by Katlego Chale

I have tied a knot at the end of each and every thought of you, with each word cast from my tongue I keep tossing each knot to your direction with the hope of catching your attention, even if it be a note that fell off your giggle when you were but a bit jolly yester night, or a slight glance that got caught by a broken window by a random ally when you turned to note a voice calling your name. I hope to rope it in and own it, embrace it and call it my own. Do you still think of...? in my absence, My crown, do you miss me?

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To Who It May Concern Read by Modise Sekgothe

They have glued flat my tongue against the roof of my mouth, my words; i had attempted to store them beneath it, no -- rather -- these trifling words. Now, in lieu of my handicap, if it be not at all troublesome to you, may you please burden yourself with but a few letters thereof, and when you see Her, in Her ears arrange them gently.

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At the height of the night / When the sun sits highest in the sky / You can hear the cows and goats of the village bickering and howling / Everyone shuts their doors and switches off the fire

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