Tshiamo Malatji

Mugo’s African Human Rights

Mugo argues that when economic rights are deprived, such as when people are malnourished or with disease, they do not have adequate access to their fundamental human right to life. Moreover, a change in economic priorities could give them those rights.

Review of Le Spectre de Boko Haram

Pretending to be at peace only creates the nervousness that violence will break that peace, since the peace is formed on illusion. Violence appears as a ghost. It is not truly present at the moment, but it could be present at any moment.

Spirit of Bloodshed — Review of Theatre of Violence

Mbembe argues that violence is circular. It establishes its own authority through itself, is maintained through itself and is revered through itself. The postcolony mirrors the violent relations of the colony precisely because the processes of civil society, democracy and state intervention are preceded by violence.

Philosophical Fire — Review of Ashkal

Ashkal is a visual spectacle, yet so lost in its own philosophy of meaninglessness that it struggles to fully capture its storyline

Femme Forte — Review of Freda

Freda (2021) weaves a powerful story of withstanding struggle through feminine strength in a Haiti where everything falls apart.

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