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Articles written by Dr. Tshepo Mvulane Moloi

Home Affairs Beset with Challenges

The list of grievances includes disheartening queues, which commence beyond entrances of the majority of the branches of Home Affairs, key machinery being intermittently offline, fallible plenipotentiaries prone to bribery and most recently the growing calls for the resignation of Minister Aaron Motsoaledi

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International Women’s Day Must Also Evoke Unsung Pan-Africanist Heroines Such as Alice Kinloch

In as far as our locale in South Africa is concerned, as it stands the status quo of South Africa’s mainstream curriculum, pertaining to the subject of history, from the basic education level (namely from Grade 10 to 12) until undergraduate tertiary level, continuously renders pioneering leading figures such like AVK as perpetually invisible.

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The Opening Week of 2022

The latter point is vital because the ANC’s January 8th statement of 2022, emphasized their “safeguarding of democratic gains”. The ANC government’s poor service delivery and malfeasance since 1994, exposes the aforesaid remark as part of ANC’s meaningless rhetoric.

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