Dr. Tshepo Mvulane Moloi

Post #FeesMustFall Musings

This open letter serves as a reflection on the enduring impact of colonial bonds that have haunted education in South Africa's colony.

Johannesburg Festival of Women Writers

"Those who do not read must not lead, lest they mislead us into temptation and deliver us to Satan." This festival will serve as part of Prof. Marwala's legacy at UJ, and he leaves on a high note.

Banyamulenge Pair Attacked at the Congolese Embassy in Pretoria

It is sad to concede that even in the wake of bilateral and multilateral agreements, countries claiming to be constitional democracies such as South Africa and the DRC, and multilateral organisations that are meant to serve as intermediaries such as SADC, the AU and the UN continue to fail to hold their plenipotentiaries accountable, as reflected by this latest saga at the DRC embassy in Pretoria.

Enos Mafokate Turns 79 at Soweto Equestrian Centre

As the custodians of apartheid, the NP governed South Africa from the 4th of June 1948, spanning the period until the 9th of May 1994. The latter details are critical in attempts to comprehend that ntate Enos Mafokate was treated as just another kaffir (a heathen incapable of achieving much due to their pigmentation as black, instead of their inability).

Why Messi Isn’t ‘The GOAT’

Owing to Messi’s latest victory, the pertinent question that has continuously stood out from football spectators worldwide, has been what may be the appropriate reply to the debate seeking which soccer player may colloquially be referred to as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

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