Siyabonga Hadebe

The Lexicon of 'Witches' and 'Snitches': The Art of Forgetting and a Black Perspective on Life

While the impact of the colonial civilization project plausibly left pain, grief, and deprivation, its victims have continued to use it as their main point of reference to navigate the black-and-white spaces.

The Civilising Mission’s Deliberate Hybridisation of Amadlozi and Angels in Southern Africa

Missionaries’ arrival negatively impacted African languages and customs. Focused on ‘civilising’ and converting Africans to Christianity, they saw themselves as bringing enlightenment.

Is the Battle for the ANC's 'Soul' Reaching Its Climax?

The MK Party represents a creative approach to internal realignment within the ANC but operates beyond the party’s direct control. Except for Nelson Mandela, the last two presidents of democratic South Africa (Mbeki and Zuma) faced insurmountable opposition during their final terms.

The Re-apartheidisation Of A Country

This article examines the intricate phenomenon of ‘inclusion-to-exclude’ within the context of reshaping South African identity post-apartheid and the concurrent efforts to transform local economies.

Land Reform Born in Chains: Why the Ingonyama Trust Must Die

The mystery and controversies surrounding the Ingonyama Trust continue to capture everyone's attention, yet it remains one of the least understood public institutions in South Africa.

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