Siyabonga Hadebe

The Re-apartheidisation Of A Country

This article examines the intricate phenomenon of ‘inclusion-to-exclude’ within the context of reshaping South African identity post-apartheid and the concurrent efforts to transform local economies.

Land Reform Born in Chains: Why the Ingonyama Trust Must Die

The mystery and controversies surrounding the Ingonyama Trust continue to capture everyone's attention, yet it remains one of the least understood public institutions in South Africa.

Language & Identity -What Happened to IsiHlubi?

Why do AmaHlubi speak other people's languages? What happened to their own language, if they had one? Many communities, including the Tembe, Matebele a Leboa, AmaBhaca, Mapulana, and BaKholokoe, also fall into this category of nations whose languages are constantly questioned.

Finding Thabo Bester: Corporate Power in the South African Prison Industry

With the G4S contract at the MCC nearing its end in 2026, more drama involving correctional centres and other places where the company operates is to be expected.

The Firm: International Thief Thief

Some people don’t even need to kill a mosquito to keep you at the bottom: dispossessed, landless and destitute. And while many view monarchs as weak and largely symbolic entities, the British monarchy ranks among the wealthiest corporations in the world.

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