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Articles written by Siyabonga Hadebe

Monster: The Inherent Fear of The Black Man

A young Black male between 18 and 35 is more likely to die from unnatural causes than anyone else. It is this age group that makes up a large percentage of the prison population. At more tertiary levels, Black males suffer from serious mental health problems. When he commits suicide or kills his loved ones, his actions are simplified as “what would you expect from him anyway?”

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The Land Is Not Ours

The main argument is therefore that it is inaccurate to study colonialism as a historical phenomenon but it is a continuous affair that still defines the character of its former colonies. The presence of former colonial powers in the daily economic life of the so-called independent countries is something that continues to elude researchers, commentators and political activists alike.

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Organisational Renewal: WMC Keeps NEC In Line

The ANC is not very democratic in the way it elects its highest office-bearers — particularly the national executive committee (NEC). This should be the starting point for democratisation, if the organisation is serious about reforms in terms of how it is run. Failure to deal with the glaring structural misnomer means that the perceived gap between the ANC and the rest of the population grows each day.

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It’s A Coup – Concourt Hands Power to Capital

What is apparent is that there could be nervousness about many of the agreements made during Codesa negotiations. The storm which swept South Africa earlier in the year over FW de Klerk’s comments about apartheid showed that the ‘sunset clauses’, especially those relating to the protection of private property rights, have lived beyond their sell-by-date. These matters cover land, mines, banks, and monopoly industries, that is at least according to former Cosatu economist Prof. Chris Malikane. This is the ‘never-centre’ of what the South African economy is all about.

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