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A Life Supreme

There is something special about July for us in the Black world. Last month, we marked some of the most significant anniversaries in Black history.

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South Africa – An Imagined Country

Each day that passes indicates that South Africa has a fragile political system that lacks ‘shock absorbers’ to contain and withstand problems that face its society. The creation of the ‘new’ South Africa was understood to be a realisation of Nelson Mandela’s famous speech in 1994 to mark the end of apartheid.

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What I like about Robert Hodgins is the fact that he’s critiquing imperialism in these rich, fat cats. It shows that calling things out is not only part of a Black woman’s identity.

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The show was nothing short of captivating, and kept the audience on the edges of their seats. The singers doubled as guides to the central character of Zukiswa, and as the men at the tavern. This was an innovative use of the cast, by the director.

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