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The Great Unrest

South Africa’s racial inequality is well known and often titled with the first prize of being the most unequal society in the world, where the largely black poor are getting poorer by the day and the mostly white rich are getting richer by the day. Add to that a democratically elected Black government that has failed to put together plans to lift Black people out of the shame of poverty and into the dignity of economic participation, and you have yourself a perfect ticking time bomb waiting for a slight trigger to explode.

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The Haunted

My first impulse when I picked up Hauntings the Anthology was, “I hope I won’t be visiting another femicide/GBV trauma ward, as a Black woman who is cursed to have this history of events as their everyday lived experience”.

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A Cloud

As a response to the fatigue of everyday mass media statistics about both the infections and mortality rates, conspiracy theories pertaining vaccines, spats regarding the origins of this pandemic and the discomfort caused by global lockdown regulations; Musa Nxumalo curates this exhibition with an intension to bring to the fore the ideas that are explored by contemporary visual artists who are actively exploring ideas and producing work during this complex moment of our lifetime.

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Night Embassy

The campaign supports talent by providing funding, production and mentorship for creative individuals or collectives to make their ideas come to life. From 20 July until 13 August, Johannesburg based creatives can apply for a one-week residency this autumn.

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The Phoenix Massacre

Bantu Biko, the Founding Father of the Black Consciousness Movement, warned us that apartheid employed a Divide & Rule strategy where the sections of the black community would be placed in separate concentration camps and oppressed in “varying degrees”.

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Squint your eyelids even tighter and you’re bound to hear the last remaining echo of the neighbourhood gossip: whose son, just yesterday a tottering tot, has gone rouge and robbed the Somali’s spaza shop, which spinster is shacking up with whose philandering husband, whose daughter was spotted disembarking a Nigerian mogul’s car and who owes the mashonisa for the weave his girlfriend is busy posting selfies in, while their two children go hungry in some drought-ridden village the couple only visit on Christmas!

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