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The Genesis of the Land Struggle

April 6 marks the arrival of convicted fraudster, Jan van Riebeeck, and his gang who landed on our shores in 1652. The arrival of the Dutch settlers was the beginning of the conflict between the coloniser and the colonised, the oppressor and the oppressed, the land thieves and the land owners, the European settlers and the Black indigenous people. The primary source of the conflict was land.

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“We Will Physically Stop Vaccine Trials”

BLF rejects any clinical trials of so called COVID-19 vaccines at the instance of Bill Gates. Bill Gates is too involved in the whole pandemic crisis to be the one bringing any solutions to a problem that looks like a creation of the American government. Iran and China have put the blame on the door step of the USA for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Returning to Kwa Mai Mai

‘You have issues with your woman and at night when you sleep you have back pains that you cannot ignore vumani bo’. I wonder which woman he is talking about, but I actually do have back pains, maybe it is just because of sitting on a chair for at least 9 hours a day trying to finish my novel.

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Revolutionary Medicine: The Ideas of Dr Ernesto “Che” Guevera & Dr Salvador Allende

With global capitalism at an impasse, the response to disease, sickness and healthcare argues for the creation of a new generation of doctors. Post World-War 2, countries embarked on the creation of social security for their citizens. Human rights, social rights, the right to health, shelter, food and to life became the cornerstone through which building a new society would be modelled

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Makhathini’s Letters from The Underworld

After experiencing Makhathini's powerful set at NYC Winter Jazzfest in January, Stereogum jazz critic Phil Freeman wrote, “He’s got an album coming out on Blue Note and I can’t wait for people to hear it, because it’s tremendous music. As a player and a composer, he sits right beside McCoy Tyner and Pharoah Sanders, playing a forceful but lyrical style of modal jazz that incorporates African rhythmic concepts

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Less Good Idea Premiers Online

“This Season sees a return to text as the basis of an exploration. This is not to privilege text but to find innovative ways to per(form) it, untangle, respond, grapple and interrogate its performative elements whether it be its sound, its silence, its emotion, its movement or its immobility,” explains curator Phala Ookeditse Phala.

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