Tsakani Shingange

Engaging "We, the Purple"

"We the Purple" centers around the pivotal 1994 elections and the symbolic Purple Rain Protest of 1989. Through a unique blend of visual, auditory, and tactile elements, the exhibition offers a multifaceted exploration of South Africa's lived experiences.

S’BO GYRE– Altar Call

Following the underground success of their self- funded debut album, Queernomics, the newly monikered S’BO GYRE has broken into the mainstream music arena with his latest offering – Altar Call.

Umsizi noPende Shines a Light on South Africa's Soul

“These architectural structures... are iconic functional homes for working-class Black communities in pre-apartheid South Africa.

From Yizo Yizo to Outlaws

In the dynamic world of television, one name that emerged triumphantly in 2023 was Keketso Mpitso, recognized as the breakout star Tlali on the hit show "Outlaws."

Jozi’s Festive Joys

"This play has been a few years in the making, with the initial idea for it dating back to an animated festive lunch with my own family. Although not based directly on my family, the roots of it are deeply connected to my family dynamics and antics.”

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