From Yizo Yizo to Outlaws

From Yizo Yizo to Outlaws

In the dynamic world of television, one name that emerged triumphantly in 2023 was Keketso Mpitso, recognized as the breakout star Tlali on the hit show "Outlaws." News24 acknowledged Mpitso's outstanding performance, placing him on the esteemed list of Breakout Talent That Brought Their A-Game.

In this interview, we had the opportunity to delve into Keketso's experience on the show, a gripping narrative that unfolds the intense rivalry between the Zulu cattle-farming Biyelas and the Basotho cattle-raiding Ts’eoles.

How did you get into the character of Tlali?

Tlali is a very different character from me. I’m an introvert and he’s an extrovert. I’m calm and he’s always up there. He’s a guy who reacts quickly to situations and doesn’t listen to anyone. He’s very driven and goes for what he wants.

I’ve seen people like Tlali in real life, so I drew inspiration from them. I also thought it would be a nice challenge for me to play someone like him, because I’ve never done it before.

What was it like working with veterans like Mmabatho Mogomotsi and Siyabonga Shibe?

It was an honour and a great opportunity to work with them. They are legends to me. I grew up watching them in Yizo Yizo and Gaz’lam. They are very humble and professional. They treat everyone equally and take their work seriously. They understand what it means to be an actor.

I learned a lot from them, just by watching them and talking to them. They gave me advice and guidance. They also made me feel comfortable and welcomed on set.

Do you have any funny or crazy stories from the set?

We had a lot of fun on set. We always laughed and joked around. There was one scene where I was with Musa Mabote and he did something that I wasn’t expecting. We rehearsed before we shot, but he changed it when we were shooting. He did something spontaneous and hilarious. I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t. As soon as they said cut, I burst out laughing.

What can you tell us about Outlaws?

Outlaws is a very nice show. It’s about a Zulu and Sotho family who are at war with each other. They have different cultures and traditions. They also have different ways of dealing with cattle. The Biyelas are cattle farmers and the Ts’eoles are cattle raiders.

The show explores the history, the politics, and the drama of these two families. It also shows the love, the friendship, and the loyalty that they have. It’s a very exciting and captivating show. People have to watch it to find out more.

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