Joburg’s Festive Treat: ‘A MARRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS’ Hits The Market Theatre

Joburg’s Festive Treat: ‘A MARRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS’ Hits The Market Theatre

The holiday season is about to get a whole lot merrier in Johannesburg! The iconic John Kani stage at The Market Theatre is set to host an unforgettable production of “A Marry Little Christmas,” a whimsical comedic play penned by acclaimed playwright Greg Homann.

From November 29th to December 24th, 2023, audiences will be treated to a heartwarming and side-splitting journey through the festive season. But that’s not all – for those quick on their feet, special ticketing deals are available until the end of October. This is an opportunity to secure your spot at this merry extravaganza without breaking the bank.

“A MARRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS” emerged from the creative crucible of How Now Brown Cow’s Writer’s Collective during the disruptive throes of the 2020 pandemic-induced hiatus. Greg Homann, now Artistic Director at The Market Theatre, penned this uproarious play. Under the deft directorial guidance of multi-award-winning Charmaine Weir-Smith, an illustrious ensemble cast of nine will bring this rollicking narrative to life.

Julie-Anne McDowell, proprietor of How Now Brown Cow Productions, expresses her elation: “We take immense pride in presenting an entirely fresh South African festive production in collaboration with The Market Theatre. Our local luminaries will adorn the hallowed boards of the John Kani stage.”

Set on an undisclosed golf estate at the north-western periphery of Johannesburg, this uproarious South African opus weaves a heartwarming holiday comedy. It explores familial bonds, love, misapprehensions, and cultural observances – all poised to elevate spirits and perpetuate smiles.

Arnold Hartmann, aged 45 and three-quarters, aspires to propose to Natalie Cloete during an ostensibly ‘traditional’ Christmas luncheon. However, an unforeseen mishap disrupts his plans. As both families arrive, chaos ensues.

Homann reflects: “This dramatic composition draws from spirited Yuletide repasts. While not directly modelled after my kin, its thematic underpinnings resonate with familial dynamics.”

The stellar ensemble includes:

Antony Coleman (“Houseboy” and “Borderline”)
- Kim Cloete (“Joanie Galant - Hulle”)
- James Borthwick (“Amadeus” and “Uncle Vanya”)
- Judy Ditchfield (“Maid in South Africa” and “Menopause The Musical”)
- Louise Saint-Claire (“My Name is Asher Lev” and “Pterodactyls”)
- Ilse Klink (“The Amen Corner” and “Mamma Mia”)
- Roberto Pombo (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “The Epicene Butcher”)
- Zolani Shangase (“West Side Story” and “The Color Purple”)
- Trevor Lynch (“In the Blood” and “Hunters Gatherers”)

Ticket pricing ranges from R150 to R250, with an enticing early-bird special rate of R200 for all ticket categories until the end of October. Don’t miss this unforgettable end-of-year outing! Book via webtickets or call for discounted block bookings or corporate packages. Contact Anthony Ezeoke at 011 832 1641 ext 203 or 083 246 49501.

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