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Black Love

uMaboe Udlise iTeam

So he gets recorded for alleged cheating and so called brands (white people) start pulling out? So who people bang destroys companies? Imani bo! Maybe I don't understand how these things work.

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Polyamorous (Black) Love

I am currently in love with an effeminate man, and a bisexual woman. This is probably my third polyamorous relationship. Why am I dating two people at the same time? I often have to make my sexual partners aware of my complex DNA make-up, which has a side that is almost masculine and almost feminine.

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Don’t Skip Your Hoe Phase

She will say let's rent a place, nawe uye ngekhanda elikhulu and rent that place with her for two years paying rent, kanti it's her house. Umuntu wakhona upakile mara still u-single. Hehe impilo will show you ukuthi umdidi owokuhlala phansi yazhai ulokhu uhamba udunusa ukhothane namapipi wabanye abantwana mawuweda you demand that he wears a condom.

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Wife Material but Dololo Lobola

Sibekezelela udodi nje. Kumele manje basebenzise i-straw badonse umsobho when they go down on us because muffing is just so old fashion just like lelobola abangafuni ukulikhipha. Umuntu wakhona u-busy uyamncenga kanti inyumba

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Quarantine Blues

Ei mara at least siphumulile abathakathi ne staff sase Broom Airways. Phela lento ye lockdown applies to them as well, meaning also no more midnight habits such as broom-flying. Akufani yaz. Umuntu sekayakwazi nokuvuka ngo-3am aphahle akhulume nabantu abadala without hearing weird noises outside umsindo wama wizard awa ngemishanyelo

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We Deserve Better Side N*ggas

If he's just there to smash and bounce then he's got no business worrying about whether you got bread or Nah. Literally, actual bread. He just pulls up with his big head and a pocket full of condoms smelling like fresh cologne, bad decisions, and a brand new Mercedes.

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Let The Juices Guide You This Valentine’s Day

Now, back to me being a guy. Valentine’s Day would not be every day; yes, I'd love my girl and cherish her everyday but she would get 50 Shades of Grey shandies once a year. See, s a girl, it is my fantasy to wake up to my man busy stroking and licking my khekhe, riding me gently while I am half asleep, kissing me while going in and out and all my juices making the situation so wet and slippery while I reach orgasm.

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