We Deserve Better Side N*ggas

If he's just there to smash and bounce then he's got no business worrying about whether you got bread or Nah. Literally, actual bread. He just pulls up with his big head and a pocket full of condoms smelling like fresh cologne, bad decisions, and a brand new Mercedes.

Why you let him drive close to an hour just to show up empty-handed, the boy? I don't know. Just cause he's not your main guy doesn't mean he shouldn't act right. If the men in my circles are not worried about whether I ate or nah, then we are not family and I'm good. What that says to me is, you're comfortable with eating alone.

But nah, yol wanna come up in here talking about hheh we don't buy women shit, we don't give them money nywe nywe women are crazy (we are but that's not the point). Also us, we don't wanna have to beg you for it but you sound stupid walking around talkin' all that smack umdala nokuba mdala. Asking us to play Michelle in a fake Barack mansion.

You don't even share deals when you land, you don't tell us that the Department of Health has some positions that we might want to look up and nail that application. And when we get the interview you would never even offer to pay for the uber, or buy us new shoes so we can pull up. Nah, We demand better quality side niggas! Not what we are getting, you can't only be buying drinks on drinks on drinks, chilling with the boys all dzay when your sheets ain't right. Your damn sheets!

It's mathematics (Numbers don't lie)! 1(Him) + 1 (2) Me) = 3, women are designed to multiply everything you give them, it's in their nature. Some mother and father their own children, children they had with men. So please, we don't wanna start on our knees when we engage in relationships with grown men. We expect from you only what we are willing to give and if you don't even have the basics right I mean, should we even be talking though?