Vus’umuzi Phakathi

Review: Shaka Ilembe, A Pioneering Quest for Historical Veracity and Dramtic License

It prompts one to question the veracity of various other sayings in the series, such as "Iso ngeso" (an eye for an eye). In the absence of supporting evidence, doubts arise regarding the existence of such sayings within the Nguni nation prior to the arrival of the Bible. Did the production team conduct thorough linguistic research to ensure the precision of the language used in the series?

REVIEW – The Parrot Woman

The year is 1990. President F.W. de Klerk announces the beginning of the end of apartheid, the release of Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners, and the end of the South African state of emergency. The African National Congress's armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, suspends its armed actions after 29 years. Charles J. Fourie premiers his play The Parrot Woman, at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg.

REVIEW: Pulitzer Award Winning Play, RUINED

For over two decades the Democratic Republic of Congo has seemingly been deemed ruined. Ravaged and torn by what appears to be perennial war and disease to its populace, it has become a land that anyone who sees no means of profiteering fears or flees.

Choirs of Hours Read by Richard Welch

When choirs of hours croon us as song, / Heave with each note, hold fast to each second, / Unchain your rapture let it breathe along / To each calm, storm, and all that love beckoned; / Let not your flame be lulled by melody’s gust,

The Conflict with Concession

I have tied a knot at the end of each and every thought of you, with each word cast from my tongue I keep tossing each knot to your direction with the hope of catching your attention, even if it be a note that fell off your giggle when you were but a bit jolly yester night, or a slight glance that got caught by a broken window by a random ally when you turned to note a voice calling your name. I hope to rope it in and own it, embrace it and call it my own. Do you still think of...? in my absence, My crown, do you miss me?

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