Black on Black Violence Is the Result of white Privilege

Long years of isolation have left our people void of a Pan Africanist outlook. We now see the results of years of poisoning of the minds of our people with self-hatred, we see results of many years of bottled and misdirected anger and frustration which comes out of perpetual lack caused by sustained white privilege in the face of debilitating poverty.

Now the conditions are ripe for self-mutilation and self-destruction and such acts will not implicate the real culprits, whites, who continue to hold on to Black people's stolen legacy, their land, wealth, language and culture.

Until the ruling class deals with the fundamental question, the key and national question, the land question, Blacks will remain vulnerable and a subject of scorn and ridicule. Every now and then their anger will boil and they will lash out to the weakest in society, other Black people. Give people their land and answer their deepest quest for life, food, shelter and self-reliance.