Xola Skosana

"We Are The Left"

It takes the funeral of a PAC or AZAPO cde or Sobukwe and Biko commemoration to remember that it is not yet Uhuru; that Azania is still occupied by settler colonialists and the Land has not been returned to its people.

The God of the Bible Has Been “Captured”

How else do I explain to myself the exponential growth of the church, side by side with the ever widening gap of the rich, mostly white and the poor, mostly black, other than to say that the God of the Bible has been captured.

Let Us Pray

Our Mother and Fathers in The World of Spirits hallowed be your names let your memory come to us and our offspring let your good will be done here on earth as it is done in the world of spirits give us this day our daily resolve and fortitude to live and never forsake our life's commitment to the liberation of our race, the Black race

“Blacks Can Be Racist” - Reflections On UCT’s Decolonial Summer School

The lesson is that Blacks must not abdicate their responsibility to narrate their story of oppression as experienced by them. It doesn’t matter how much sympathetic others maybe, it remains our duty to tell the world of its atrocities against us and implicate all those who have taken part in our demise even though they may have become allies in the battle field.

Parents Meeting

The teaching medium is officially English and the default language is unofficially Afrikaans. Almost all the teachers are of an Afrikkkaner background. The more things change in this country the more they stay the same. So much for the much talked about 1976 Soweto uprisings.

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