Vusumzi Nkomo

Case Against Private Universities: De-Privatize or Perish

As one of the most unequal societies on Earth (according to this report , the Inequality Trends report, as well as the World Inequality Database), South Africa had no other option but to legislate and roll out universally fee-free education for everyone (declared as free education for the poor). Put differently, could a country reeling and writhing from an unjust colonial past afford to lock out the majority of its citizens from its universities?


1981. At the beginning of what would be a politically charged and tumultuous decade, 16-year-old Nokuzola Brenda Fassie moves to Joburg; one Sabata Koloi Lebona, musical doyen-producer-songwriter, visits ‘MaBrrr’ in her Langa home and she relocates to Soweto in order to pursue a career (read calling) in music.

Power of Music in Sudan: The Sounds of “Organised Chaos”

Khartoum, the Capital city of Sudan, bore witness to the historic mass(ive) sit-in outside the army's headquarters where (mostly) young people engaged in what has come to be known as “bread protest{s}” demanded an immediate end to former president Omar al-Bashir's reign which stretched for three decades, an end the people believe(d) will bring about freedom from military rule (since their independence in 1956), peace. & prosperity.

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