Festac 2022: Zanzibar

Dear Diary

This one promises to be one of the big ones. After 45 years have gone by (for a festival that was meant to take place every second year), I am perturbed as the facilitator of the South African group.

Friends, I can only imagine how Molefe Pheto must have felt, those 45 odd years ago, when visas or proper documentation was the other boxer in the ring. I want to report to you, I have my own formidable foe… Will corporate show up? It has to.

The sponsors package includes branding, promotion, unlimited access, mentioning rights, networking (especially during the golf day), speaking opportunities, and media exposure.

The organisers, inspire africa connect, Zati and Zato have been boots on the ground, and have secured the head of the Yoruba nation globally - Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, as the Royal Father for Festac 2022. A powerful re-enactment of the spirit of Festac ’77, if you ask me.

Dear diary, from the conversation and coordination we have been having, brace yourself for a showstopper. I can tell you that the artistic direction that I will be pulling off is sacrosanct to the reputation of Mihloti in ’77.

But for now, friend - without giving away too much whilst the process unfolds, I can confirm that Zanzibar is the place to be during Africa Month, and that we will be seeing each other and our old friend Farouque Abdela who, from our conversations, can’t wait to be with us in Stone Town.

I have to go now, I will be seeing you tomorrow.