Pulane Mafatshe


This is a story about Black boys falling in love, doing their very best trying to pass through Black time. Umle is a duo of artists from Qeberha who capture the lives of Black folks through a reflection on the magnificence of the ordinary.

Restoring Black Bonds

Motuba’s choices as vocal contributor exemplify these ideas even further. The fact that her approach is not saturated in standing out and consuming the light… can give us an idea on the ethos of this particular familial bond. She is part of the music; it happens with her and not alongside her.

The Haunted

My first impulse when I picked up Hauntings the Anthology was, “I hope I won’t be visiting another femicide/GBV trauma ward, as a Black woman who is cursed to have this history of events as their everyday lived experience”.

Cuties REVIEW: The Nervous Condition of Girlhood

Much has been said about why this film does not deserve airtime. A significant amount of subscribers even threated to end their subscriptions with Netflix for promoting “child pornography". It is tempting to entertain that idea, but it is also not my cross to carry.

Indaba Is – Umdali

It is believed that each generation has its Sanusi, that will stand in the gap of faith between other realms and the physical world. They would intercede for humankind to find their way back to who they are. It is no far cry that conjurer of spirits through song, Sibusile Xaba is the person for this generation. He who birthed Umdali with Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi, and AshK and offered it to us as an anecdote that is to convey messages to us about where we come from and who we can be.

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