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Articles written by Mbe Mbhele

Drifting With Muntu Vilakazi: On The Archive

But I have seen it, glimpses of it. His images are a critical commentary on black youth culture and the church as an important aspect of black life. They are a close look at the ‘quotidian’ and the mundane of city/township life as an anecdote we can use to think about our condition.

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Future Nostalgia

Future Nostalgia is an interrogation of the deep entanglement between the past and the presence. It is a project that seems to reflect the symbology of the Sankofa bird which is a mythical bird that flies forward while looking backwards.

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Rich Black, Poor Black: The Precarious Life Of Black People

It matters not how far you have climbed the social and the economic ladder. If you are black your position there is always fraught with danger. Which is to say you can have the illusion that you are rich but that can change as quickly as Cape Town weather. The soccer stars that we grew up idolizing who seemed like they had made it are eating from the dustbins now.

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