Xolani Tembu


Born in Illinois to immigrants from Rwanda and Uganda, African and Jazz legacies are always crucial to Somi’s sound. A two-time recipient of The Doris Duke Foundation’s French-American Jazz Exchange Composers’ Grant, she is often referred to as a modern-day Miriam Makeba, with very good reason.

The Mother of All Eating

Now a revised verb in many South African thesauruses, “eating” no longer refers exclusively to the act of consuming food. It now also refers to the act of plundering any and all state resources with a particular partiality to dibs, legal tender or what some may call “zak”.

Whisky Live Festival Jaunt

I could not leave of course before I thanked my ancestors through the much beguiled J&B Jet. It is the reason I’m on this Whisky sojourn after all. As we bumbled our way out at the end of the evening, I heard someone say same time, same place next year, and I realised It was a grand event for grand laaities who lost their sophistication somewhere between the Glen Grant single malt and Michael Kors’ rather pricey fragrances.

Die Volle Fokken Spy

Tasked with recounting the life and times of Jairus ‘Jakarumba’ Nkwe, a successful yet notoriously colourful problem child of Kwaito, the production in fact went beyond its call of duty as it drew crowds from all sectors of society, folk who thirsted for times yonder when street bashes and 6 to 6 parties were the order.

Losing Lerato - A Review

Very few men today who have fathered children in relationships that ultimately did not work, never had to fight for access to their offspring. The child is often used as a pawn in their parents’ bitter battle and mostly as a conduit of pain for the losing party.

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