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Articles written by Xolani Tembu


Dismayed by his wife’s progressive ideologies whose effects have begun showing in his S’khothane son, Tau’s father further fears his son may just grow up to abandon his culture and values altogether. As he enquires from Tau what kind of man wears floral shirts and shiny red shoes, he equally resolves it is perhaps time his son became and assumed responsibilities of a man.

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Review: Secret Ballot

Set in the aftermath of the 2014 South African election campaign and told through five members of The Brotherhood, the show opens with The Brotherhood realising electoral victory that sees them rejoice in scenes reminiscent of serious persons in Molefi Oliphant and Danny Jordan plainly losing their marbles in Zurich as neckties and jacket buttons took flight in all sorts of directions on account of jubilance, the kind that turns grown men into children.

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Sex and Spices

I couldn’t control myself, I felt dizzy with desire. All sexy thoughts ran through my head and I wondered whether such joy ever lasts. I let go of her. She lay there with her eyes closed, slightly biting her lip as if envisioning what was to follow. Her dress, just above her smooth golden brown thighs.

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1976 [Part2]

We are having a discussion about Reconciliation and its purpose. Derik makes his point and I understand where he comes from. He argues that if this country is originally for the so-called Africans, then what about him and his likes. He asks where they should go to because this is home to them.

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1976 [Part 1]

“It was a job you know? Wouldn’t you have done yours had it been yours?” He asked with his old redishly staunch eyes sharply glaring at me. Of course I would have done my job, I just did not want to give him more ammunition and approval so as to say what he did was right.

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Motown Love

Although I foresee no such future, that night I went to bed with a smile that would make The Manhattans and Soul Brothers proud for these memories, this music, it’s all one needs to persist in endeavouring for a better South Africa.

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