New Tools of Analysis Required

"Not all that glitters is gold". Peter Tosh has this line inserted in one of the verses in his song Get Up Stand Up. Let me add and say not all White is Right. As a matter of fact, Whites are getting away with murder and they know it.

I watched a white farmer celebrated on national television last week by the minister of Rural Develoment and Land Reform Mr Gugile Nkwinti. Why? Well, he gave 50% shareholding to the farm workers. In his interview, feeling elated, the white farmer said, "The Answer Is 50/50”.

Wow! Imagine that, 6 Million whites to have 50% of the country's wealth and 50 Million Blacks to share the other 50% among themeslves and we must all have a party and celebrate their magnanimity.

I'm glad we have PA and BC, for we would be lost without them. However, we are yet to develop a political theory and tools of analysis that offer us the slightest chance in understanding the incalculable degree and the grave consequence of sustained Black suffering under Arab and White supremacy.

To borrow from theologian, Paul Tillich, the very "Ground Of Our Being" has shifted due to centuries of oppression and land dispossession, altering our existence and condemning us to a state of non-beings, "empty shells" as Biko observed.

This can't be fixed by 50/50, what hell is that? South Africa cannot be reformed, patched-up or manicured, it is a fraudulent country skewed in favour of white privilege. It must be ended; the world as we know must end.

It is becoming clearer each day that we can't wait on paid politicians for this task. As Sankara pointed out, it is every generation's task to find its mission, fulfil it or betray. We want to live in a world where justice works for all no matter the colour of your skin or your last name.

To live beyond today and endure the insult and the burden of being Black without contributing to ending the world as we know it is to be an accomplice to Black suffering. 2017 is coming, choose ye this day whom will you serve.