The Royal Lie

Recently there have been reports about the bad experience of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and how they were subjected to racism and all other manner of hate.

The question is why should any of this shock or surprise us as Black people? What’s new? Which of those things (and worse) has that entire institution of British royal thuggery not subjected Black people globally to?

This romanticisation of these royal thugs of Buckingham palace is quite sad. The fact that Black people who are recipients of gratuitous British violence through colonialism and neo-colonialism are now pretending to be disappointed about what happens in a household that is at the centre of globalised violence is quite frankly nauseating.

We are so desperate to humanise these murderous families such as the British Monarchy that we so hope they are as perfect as they have been packaged and presented to be by popular media.

You must see how the Black world comes to a standstill for the "royal weddings" of the very people that are at the heart of their oppression, dispossession and deprivation. Why do we even glorify such?

It is again reportedly Black people that spend their precious time dispensing their emotions for a family that doesn't even care about them. For all we know the heads of our Warrior Kings that fought against the British and were killed and beheaded for opposing colonialism may very well be in the Buckingham palace or many of the buildings owned by them.

If we really want to focus on these royal thugs as Black people, we should rather talk about:

1. When are they going to bring back the heads of Inkosi uHintsa, Kgosi Mpolokeng Jantjie or even the body of Dedan Kimathi in whose honour we hosted a lecture recently amongst others?

2. When are they returning the "Cullinan" Diamonds that are part of the crown jewels worn by the same mamazala Elizabeth who seems to have had a fallout with Meghan Markle.

3. When will Afrikans finally enjoy peace without the land dispossession, the royal theft of mineral wealth and so much more facilitated by this family through the British government that accounts to them.

We can confine ourselves to these three questions for now and demand answers for them. These are the only discussions I am prepared to be part of when it comes to this royal lie.