Vuyisile Mshudulu

Jazz In The Lights – A Truly Jo’burg Experience

The Joburg Zoo will certainly hold unique memories for the over 5000 audience members that gathered at the Jazz in the Lights Festival on Saturday, the 11 March 2023. The entire experience was nothing short of magical.

The Royal Lie

Excerpt: “We are so desperate to humanise these murderous families such as the British Monarchy that we so hope they are as perfect as they have been packaged and presented to be by popular media,” writes Vuyisile Mshudulu

uMama - Reflections on Experiences with Our Mothers

There is so much that is said, written and reported about fathers that today I wish to shift my attention and write about a particular set of experiences with our mothers. These experiences are in no way a reflection on all mothers nor is it a rebuttal on behalf of failing fathers.

Heritage Month is Meaningless to the Landless

The true heritage of this country is at risk and has been for many years. There has been a violent colonial invasion of our heritage following the brutality of our invaders who did so much to erase everything that resembles us.

On Policing Black Rage & Mascots of White Supremacy

There are people in so-called academia, who in their wisdom have convinced themselves that they stand on a higher moral pedestal to call out Black people for their legitimate reaction to racism. We must challenge people like Adam Habib and Mam'Thuli Madonsela for their dangerous posture in defence of white supremacy.

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