Lazola Nomkala

Malromance & Modernity: Malcolm & Marie Review

“It is easier to paint Malcolm as the villain of Malcolm & Marie, but the film is simply a live illustration of the beautiful tragedy most romances experience when the perceived reality of one person is a fictional tale to the other.” writes Lazola Nomkala

Civilised Blacks Struggling for the Oppressors Tools. The Land is Ours REVIEW

Set in the early twentieth century, The Land Is Ours: Black Lawyers and the Birth of Constitutionalism in South Africa examines what role the first black lawyers in South Africa played in liberating the oppressed natives under the colonial era in South Africa. Being a part of a niche of black intellectuals at the time, they had to represent their clients with a most zealous defence against an unjust system with unjust laws. It both celebrates the achievements of the lawyers (Henry Sylvester Williams, Alfred Mangena, Richard Msimang, Pixley ka Isaka Seme, George Dick Montsioa, Ngcubu Poswayo) as well as acts as a history book of the different transitions and wars the South Africa as we know it went through to get to this point.

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