BLF: Steve Hofmeyr, #LandOrDeath!

Black First Land First (BLF) warns Steve Hofmeyr, threaten black violence at your peril.

Hofmeyr continues to spew his vile racism and threaten the lives of black people including specifically Zindzi Mandela and Phumzile van Damme. South Africa (SA) is a black country, the land belongs to the black majority, and we are going to take it by any means necessary. We assure you that we are not fearful to shed blood in order to take back what was stolen from us.

BLF notes that this upsurge in white arrogance is as a direct result of the right-wing parliament, where Ramaphosa together with Malema continues to refuse to expropriate the land in the hands of land thieves without compensation.

BLF wishes to remind black people that regardless of gender, whether you belong to the African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA) or Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), land thieves see us all as slaves, as tenants in our own land. No amount of protecting white interests, will protect you, to them we are all monkeys.

BLF wants to remind Hofmeyr that he is not the first to threaten violence on black people, in truth black people are in a perpetual state of violence orchestrated by land thieves. Over 2000 people have been murdered in the Cape in just 6 months, yet his ilk sheds copious amount of tears when there is just one murder in the Cape Winelands.

BLF warns Hofmeyr as we warned Rupert, 1:5!