“We Will Physically Stop Vaccine Trials”

Black First Land First (BLF) is appalled that Bill Gates, like the openly racist French doctors Camille Locht and Jean-Paul Mira, is planning to use Blacks as his laboratory rats.

BLF rejects any clinical trials of so called COVID-19 vaccines at the instance of Bill Gates. Bill Gates is too involved in the whole pandemic crisis to be the one bringing any solutions to a problem that looks like a creation of the American government. Iran and China have put the blame on the door step of the USA for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gates was involved in the suspicious ‘Event 201’ which predicted a possible 65 million people dying globally from a coronavirus outbreak. Six weeks after the simulation COVID-19 attacked China.

Furthermore, Bill Gates is involved in the patently unethical ‘digital identification of people’ through his microchip implanting process of the ID2020 which in turn is linked to a global vaccination process. On the other hand, Gates is the main developer of the same vaccines.

We say no to any testing of vaccines for COVID-19 on South Africans. Let Bill Gates test his vaccines on the Italians, French and Americans. They have a bigger, more urgent need for the vaccine than us here.

Should our government allow the testing of these Gates monster vaccines on South Africans, BLF will be left with no option but to mobilse society for direct action to end the evil clinical trials. We are not guinea pigs!