Mutle Mothibe

Siya Makuzeni: An Out Of This Word Auditory Experience.

The first song I ever heard by Siya Makuzeni was “Out of this world”, the more I immersed myself into her work, the more I rejoiced at how apt the song title was in describing her artistry in general. At two clicks of a button I was lifted off to an auditory Oz world of dexterously looped vocals, adorned with Xhosa nuances, hinting at an eclectic lineage influenced by genres that reach as far as Iceland while perfectly visible through my Jazz tinted spectacles. What else could I expect from a seasoned recipient of the 2016 Standard bank young artist award who was magically chosen by a Trombone in high school?

HYuj Matters - Pouring Out Spirits As Sound

I experienced the healing power of sound not only in a cave in seated meditation guiding my little ones but felt it when I was at Ntate Moholo Mutwass home.

HYuj Matters - A Sexual Position Called Presence

This past weekend I was honoured to hang with two best friends and new acquaintances with the purpose of unpacking all things related to the spirit. While floating through different kinds of subject matter we ended up talking sex, specifically BDSM and how even in those circles, presence needs to be quite well tuned.

HYuj Matters – Lessons on Ahimsa

The reason I started teaching my kids about Ahimsa was because not only do I want them to be empathetic people able to care for those around them both plant and fauna, I also wanted them to understand that one doesn’t need to pledge an allegiance to yoga but can easily live by its principles.

HYuj Matters - Finding the perfect MATch

A traditional healer unrolls his moseme and directs prayers to his Ancestors. In a mosque, my Muslim brother unfolds his sajjadat salat and bends his knees gently placing them on the mat in time of prayer. A sadhu gets onto a pile mat and lifts arms to the sky saluting the sun.

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