Menzi Mthethwa

Perhaps We Need Biko Now More Than Ever

There is an insidious resurgence of white consciousness that influences the outcomes of the elections. White consciousness, underpinned by racism and white supremacy, lost political power to black people in 1994. Yet, through organizations such as the Democratic Alliance and Freedom Front Plus, white consciousness is pushing hard to resurge and reclaim its ground in the state.

Praising the Dead To Condemn The Living

Nzimande's argument about the post-1994 challenges and the role of the anti-apartheid generation is not only relevant for Mzala's book, but also for his own position and actions as a leader and an activist.

The Paucity of Black Intellectuals

My study on this phenomenon revealed that a significant number of black intellectuals and potential ones left the country, either to work or study abroad, as it was challenging to do so in apartheid South Africa if you were black.

Navigating Scarcity: The Unending Struggle for Resources and Opportunities

The intense competition for limited resources and opportunities, as explored here, has led to a decline in humanity's moral fabric. Acts of compassion and goodwill have dwindled as individuals undermine each other in their pursuit of success.

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