On The A-Contextual Nature of Black Mental Health

Dealing with Black "mental" health a-contextually i.e. with no sensitive regard to Black psychohistory, by allopathic western medicine (not that I expect it to do otherwise), can arguably be acceleratory and aggravating factors to the condition in issue. We have a peculiar psychohistory and, as a result, the psychodynamics around our mental health cannot be properly dissected without a proper primary frame of reference. The reference being the psychology of a Black person without the cultural agency that encapsulates the Afrikan essence.

Dealing with a people's psyche outside of their cosmological knot to life and without taking into account their entire spirit quantum which has other variables, besides the psyche, that affect how we conceive and convey life. Balance or lack of, at the etheric level of our being, would also determine how we relate with the physical parts of our spirit (the brain, in this case), whether abusively or in line with what it was cosmically calibrated to be, by design.

Our tastes and interests, the entire value system, must also be interrogated as to whether it fosters our contact with life through sense, and enhances and sustains a harmonious, sane and balanced people-to-people ecology. Could it be we have embraced values that sabotage our true essence and renders to non-effect the cosmic impulse to bring it to existential/institutional fullness? Are our tastes and interests not heaping up for us a phenomenon of illusion, a bubble outside of which nothing has been rendered nonsensical to us? Are we living life as life or its corruption by social engineering that social science is the epistemic artillery through which mentacide is meted out on us? Is our complicity with and apathy to our surrounding maladies and anomalies not revealing our compromised collective state of mental health? I felt I needed to bring to your attention the not so much talked about collective Black depression and subtle suicide our so-called life is characterised with.

Let this sink for honest reflections and the invigoration of the will to genuinely heal and restore.